Saturday, April 21, 2012

Understanding The Appreciating Land Value Of Star Island Real Estate On The Market

Star Island real estate is considered to be one of the most valuable real estate options in the United States as proven by the fact that home properties found within the island community are among the most expensive luxury real estate options around today. 

While the vast majority of property buyers tend to be more concerned with the overall functionality and design of their options, it becomes ideal to actually look into what it is about Star Island Real Estate that makes it so valuable on the property market as it can help people come to terms with the fact that these properties are indeed among the best options that anyone can consider, especially among those who see such purchases are long-term investments. 

First of all, it is important to note that Star Island is located on an artificial island found in Biscayne Bay, Florida. People that are familiar with real estate will know that waterfront properties tend to hold more value on the market and such is the case with Star Island which found next to other waterfront communities such as Palm and Hibiscus Island. 

The island itself has a land area of only 0.134 square miles and the fact that it only caters to as many as 35 luxury homes means that there are only a limited few who will actually be able to have the satisfaction of being able to live within such an exclusive community. Among the most popular residents that own Fisher Island real estate are Rosie O’Donnell, Sean Combs, and Gloria Estefan. 

While the structure of luxury homes found upon the island may depreciate over time, the value of the island on which these luxury homes are situated will continue to go up, especially since there is only a limited amount of land to begin with. 

Of course, being able to purchase such beautiful luxury homes plays an integral part in what makes Star Island real estate so appealing to property buyers from all around the world, but seeing how valuable Star Island real estate now is only a key component in being able to grasp the concept of how much more value it is likely to hold in the upcoming years, especially since more people will want to be able to own such fabulous homes within the region. 

Nevertheless, there is no telling how fast the rate of appreciation will be in the future and people who are hoping to invest on property options within the region will have to sit back and relax until the market allows them to find out. Until then, people who seek to acquire the best value in real estate possible will find Fisher Island to be one of the best options within the country today as proven by the fact that its value has remained on an upward tick which reflects positively among today’s property buyers.

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